We Farm With Heart

Our Story

TS Agriculture Products Sdn Bhd (TS) was started in the 1970s by Mr Khor Hok Ley, who began producing fresh vegetables for his family and the locals in his area. Over the years, he honed his techniques diligently with a strict code of ‘always giving his best’ while quickly building up a name for himself and expanding his farm during his tenure years. Soon after, he became a well-known farmer and wholesaler in his town who never compromises on his ethics and product quality.

Planting, Packaging and Exporting More Than 60 Types of Fruits & Vegetables to Various Countries

As a self-taught agriculturist, Mr.Khor has conducted countless agro-related research such as farm landscaping, irrigation, soil contamination and treatment, effective use of pest control, pesticides and fertilizers with minimal risk as well as the creation of organic pesticides and fertilizers. Having a shared passion in agro-technology with his friends from Taiwan, Mr Khor is also very proud of his personal research in aquaculture, biotechnology, tissue culture and agrotechnology, to which he is most willing to share his views on such topics with interested parties.

TS is proud to stand as one of the many large distributors of vegetables from Cameron Highlands.

Today, TS is proud to stand as one of the many large distributors of vegetables from Cameron Highlands, and credits its success to all its local business associates, suppliers, distributors, supporters and most importantly, its administrative team.


Farm with healthy methods, innovative in agro-technology, constantly involve in agriculture knowledge sharing, strong partnership with our customers



Providing healthy fresh vegetable and fruits for everyone, everywhere, every time



Farming with Safe Agriculture Technology

Each step concerning plantation, soil condition, crop growing and harvest quality is strictly handled with regards to the health and sustainability of the environment.

Innovative with A Wide Variety Of Choices

By constantly innovating our farming technology, we are able to grow an assorted selection of vegetables (including superfoods) to provide everyone a wide variety of choice.