TS AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS SDN BHD is the leading vegetables and fruits supplier & wholesaler in Malaysia. Our headquarter is situated in Kampung Raja, Pahang, Malaysia. Our company was started in the 1970s by Mr Khor Hok Ley, who began producing fresh vegetables for his family and the locals in his area. Over the years, he honed his techniques diligently with a strict code of ‘always giving his best’ while quickly building up a name for himself and expanding his farm during his tenure years. Soon after, he became a well-known farmer and wholesaler in his town who never compromises on his ethics and product quality.

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How We Ensure The Quality

From Farming
► Farm the quality seed
► Innovative and import different types of unique vegetables for more variety
► Using healthy farming method

► Checked at every stages
► Ensure the highest quality plants in its healthiest stage

► Select, filter and clean up the vegetable and fruits
► Pack it with clean vegetables without the impurities

► Taking care of your orders
► Deliver the fresh harvest with care to the local and oversea

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