Return / Refund

Return / Refund

Wishing For A Return / Refund? Let Us Understand It And Help You Out.

To initiate a return / refund, please send to support@tsagriculture.my

  1. Please take a picture to show the vegetable condition.
  2. We will examine it and get back to you if your request has approved.
  3. Please allow up to 7 days to reply your request and 7 days to process return / refund.

Refund Terms & Conditions:

  1. If there's a condition where the vegetable is out of stock, we will give you a contact and ask for your preference on the product replacement.
  2. If we couldn't reach to your phone to arrange the product replacement details. We will provide the refund in the e-voucher format, which you could use it at our e-commerce (www.tsagriculture.my) on your next order.

Return Terms & Conditions:

  1. Kindly take note that, we would only accept the [on day delivery] vegetable issues upon your vege box delivered.

  2. Only the [on day delivery] vegetable issue will be accepted and proceed further.

  3. Please provide the [on day delivery] damaged or rotten vegetable photos as the reference.

  4. If you experience any missing items, please attach the photo with the box delivered.

  5. All the mentioned issues such as damaged vegetable and missing item shall be provided with a photo as the proof. If failed to display the photo, it is not eligible to claim for return.

  6. If your return request was accepted, we will issue the credit slip and replace the following item together with your next order.